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21-Jan-2018 12:23

Once a cousin of mine was in the bed with me and she heard me make the noise and woke me up.This was the best moment I've ever had during one of these times.i have had this same problem for over a year now happens quite often to the point where i aint really scared of it no more i just hate it coz it messes my sleep up -.-. when this happens dont you feel the shivers and feel cold? i was really afraid of it at first but iv started practising my religion more (islam) and praying and now when they come all i do is ask god for help and they let go of me immediatly. The more I try and move the harder it is for me to breathe and always feel like someone or something is coming after me and i dont have enough time to snap out.Panic is always the first reaction when I go through this.Strangely enough for the most part it still works . I'm lora, I'm almost 16 and it happen to me too, since I'm at junior high. Everytime I took a nap it always happened, I'm stuck at my bed an ant breath or move, I try to wake up but it was the hardest, the worst part is that after I awaken I felt so sleepy than ever, and then suddenly I can't move again then I real Ize that I've already fallen asleep again, it scared me. ITS SO HARD TO FIGHT IT and sometimes i want to let it out and die. But every single time I "dream" that I am lying in my bed, I see shadows, I feel some presence, sometime I feel weight on me, sometime I fight it and fall off my bed onto the floor. If i dreamt I was outside, anywhere, but it is at home everytime, which makes me wonder if it was a dream at all.

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The first thing that people react to when I go through this is they say I breathe like Im preparing for a run. find out what time it happened, remember the time u slept, and try and study a pattern .You will actually feel it unravel and leave you only to never return.It worked for me and I have been free from it ever since. I’m 16 and this happened to me four times am starting to freak out because everytime i try to move and open my eyes i see this ugly big person next to my head of by my side and I can hear that person laughing at me when I’m trying to pray. ya this sucks I hate it to, sometimes I'm like half awake and or asleep don't really know and I get awaken by a loud growl it doesn't really happen anymore but that was worse than when I get stuck sleeping and can't move.Mine often came from drinking late at night and crashing after a long long week. Once you notice a pattern, try and change that thing you know is unhealthy out of that and chances are this is what the issue is.

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Usually people that i know that go through this are athletes, artists, etc during the weekdays and professional binge drinkers on the weekends.. It's not the best feeling in the world I know but I've been having these since I was a teenager and I've learned to build my own methods of fighting it.

I am 49 Years old and this has been happening to me since childhood.

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