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20-Jan-2018 05:52

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Truthfully if you’re taking enough to where they are feeling genuinely dizzy or sick then you’re taking way too much.With me they lose more blood by having it drawn by a doctor for their routine check up than they are from me.Some websites claim things like ketchup, pennies, V8, and those same websites even claim yogurt can be used as a blood substitute.Obviously, you shouldn't need me to tell you that those people are mentally insane.The only real substitute for human blood is animals blood.It is the red blood cells that we need, and there is nothing in nature that can be used as a substitute for that.He gets upset because he thinks the dentist converted only for the Jewish jokes.THE VIDEO MAY NOT BE VIEWABLE DIRECTLY FROM THE EMAIL THAT YOU GET EACH DAY ON SOME COMPUTERS AND TABLETS.

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If you listen carefully and read the translations, you are likely to pick up a fair amount of conversational Yiddish. Tim Whatley, a dentist, informs Jerry that he finished converting to Judaism two days ago.

Jerry visits the dentist only to be subjected to Jewish jokes while he is being treated.

We have found that chewing beef jerky to be a good way to get blood, because it works as a blood substitute.

Jack links is one of many brands commonly found in grocery stores that will work as a substitute way to get blood.

The best way for getting blood and forget this stuff about it being the energy, because there is way more to blood than just energy.