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29-Jan-2018 03:09

The first anxiety provoking decision when it comes to your pre med path is choosing what pre med school you should go to.

If you google “best premed schools” you come up with over 2 million sites that claim to give you a top 10 list and the latest and greatest pre med school that is guaranteed to get you into medical school. It does not matter what pre med school you attend to get your undergraduate training.

With our single site resource of all the pre med resources you need, we hope to save you time, frustration and even some money.

Please share this with your friends – and even your family and all the answers they will ask you will be answered.

We look forward to making your dream of becoming a medical professional a reality.

We are pleased to announce that MDIS has been certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for it’s commitment in the field of Health and Education by encouraging ethical business practices and resolving any consumer complaints.

International European Schools are all taught in English and offer students from all over the world a more affordable and accessible medical degree than the (contending) US Medical Schools.

Whether you are seeking a career in medicine, dentistry, or veterinarian studies, our course will help you achieve your goal.

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In just 16 weeks our students learn the topics they need to know in biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry and physics.This is another situation where you should call around to each medical school you want to attend and find out what their policy is on accepting community college credits. Many people quickly state that there is no such thing as a pre med major. While most schools don’t offer a specific pre med major, there are some colleges and universities that do offer pre med as a major.

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