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21-Jan-2018 11:19

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I was into sadism & masochism, or as most people know it; S&M. Outside of this weird hobby, I’m actually a normal guy. I became an expert in covering up wounds so almost nobody knew about my extraordinary hobby, most people just saw me as an introvert shy guy, but a hard worker. Rape, torture, permanent physical damage, days without food. It sounds like hell for those who aren't into this, but believe me, I enjoyed every thrilling minute of it.I usually met with them over the weekend to experience torture from those who were into being a slave master. I used to get over thirty messages a day, since not many people were willing to go as far as I did.I always had a conversation before the action started to clear out what we liked and how long I would stay. I was browsing my messages as I was doing regularly, when a message popped up that caught my attention: Subject: Sign a contract Welcome to hell. Sign a contract with me, Satan, lord of the darkness. Though this sounded terribly stupid, it caught my attention because it was totally different from all these people begging me to be their slave.I’ll give you your worst experience you can imagine. I checked his profile and it was actually a pretty hot guy.His whole profile page was full of Satanist bullshit, which is not unusual in the S&M world. Assuming this was part of a role playing game, I sent him a message back.

This gives the book an added depth and, in places, poignancy.He was a nationalistic Georgian who was appointed head of the NKVD secret police organisation. He tortured and murdered for the state with impunity, and was as egotistical and sadistic as he was temperamental and libidinous (he was infamous for his voracious desire for women, picking them up from the streets of Moscow while cruising at night in his black party limousine).It was Beria who was responsible for the atrocity of the Katyn Massacre in 1940, the organisation of the murder of Trotsky in Mexico, the internal exile of the kulaks and, later, the masterminding of Russia's atomic bomb programme.He forbade the use of torture in prisons, reissued passports to 4 million people, mostly the kulaks he had forced into exile, and freed more than a million prisoners from the gulag in the space of one week in March 1953.

This was not his first such act: it was he who, in 1938, had brought to an end the era of the Great Terror.

Yet this is much more than a biography of a grotesquely fascinating man who was, in time, allegedly to poison Stalin when he became infirm, who had briefly held the first deputy premiership under Stalin's successor, Malenkov, and who fell from grace 100 days later under Khrushchev, who had him tried as, among other improbable things, a British spy, and assassinated.

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