Top dating songs

06-Feb-2018 04:49

It's perfect for when you want to atone for your relationship sins on the dance floor. Leonard Cohen, "Chelsea Hotel #2" (1974) ### The Hotel Chelsea has seen a lot, not least of which was a brief, unlikely fling between Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin.

The honesty of Cohen's lyric about the encounter extends well beyond its frank sexual details.

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Like many great Talking Heads songs, "I'm Not In Love" is both chilling and highly danceable. Rod Stewart, "Maggie May" (1971) ### The deceptively nuanced lyrics, Stewart's wistful vocal, and the band's rustic, ramshackle feel make "Maggie May" one of the most heartfelt portraits of a disintegrating relationship ever recorded.

"The Love I Lost" has some somber lyrics, but the beat begs to differ.

Which is why "It Makes No Difference" is so heavy — his quavering, wheezy vocal sounds like a man truly at the bottom of a deep pit of heartbreak. but then she gets with some guy with a cool car, and that's when it starts to hurt. Joni Mitchell, "A Case Of You" (1971) ### You really can't talk about breakup songs without talking about Joni. "Without You" is such a commanding performance carried off with such tenderness that when Nilsson's voice cracks on that heroically high note at , you're a little unsure as to whether it was too tough on him physically or emotionally. " As Mick croons the story of his relationship's painful past, it only serves to emphasize how much better things are going to be now that the relationship is over. Maybe it's only in retrospect, but it's almost impossible to hear "Love Will Tear Us Apart" without thinking that someone's about to kill himself. Fleetwood Mac, "Landslide" (1975) ### Unlike most breakup songs, "Landslide" speaks from the moment right before things actually fall apart.