Weirdest japanese dating games

02-Feb-2018 02:52

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The Japanese are notorious for being creative with their games. Although Japanese game developers get more and more creative every year, it seems that their creativity has reached the level of the strange and the bizarre with this newly released game called “Uma no Purinsu-sama” which is the newest dating one Japan has come up with. The story opens up with a conversation between the farm keeper and yourself. Japanese dating games in a form of an app are no different. The game requires you to take care of a horse that has a face of a handsome anime man. Despite the Horse Prince looking downright creepy, with its long, thin neck, the game is not half bad.

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They don't often make sense, and sometimes they seem to be crossing legal boundaries, but mostly they come across like some kind of fever-and-drug induced nightmare: weird, mildly terrifying, but very memorable - and definitely something you want to tell your friends about.For the ones that you’ve already seen, the game has a handy skip button to help you progress quicker.Hatoful Boyfriend is very simple to pick up, but not so easy to win.The goal is simple: you have to win the affection of the Horse Prince by taking care of him (or it), and getting every answer he asks correctly.

You will not need a lot of instructions because it’s mostly a tap and react kind of game.Set in 2188, a time where birds have taken over the world and the few humans that are left are forced to live in the wilderness, you take on the role of a young human girl who has been invited to enrol in St. As you leave your cave each morning to attend school, you are engulfed in a world full of birds­ - your fellow students, your teacher, the school doctor, and ‘anybirdie’ else you encounter. To form a romantic relationship with one of these birds.

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