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“If you’re carrying heavy weights in an upright position above your centre of gravity, the risk of injury is higher.

The big danger is putting your back out, and you can also do your knees in the squat, your ankles.” If you’re not sure, get instruction, and spotters.

If you’re going for pure strength, then heavy as you can with small reps. I need all of those at some point during the season.

Try three reps at 90 per cent of your maximum weight. It’s a power exercise, and uses similar muscles to the squat, but has an explosive element to it.

"They were telling me to get the hell out of the way so they could get a good shot of Jennifer."Rodriguez reflects on his scandal-plagued baseball career in the interview, and gets candid about dealing with his not exactly likable image at the time.

The father of two takes full responsibility."It starts with being accountable," he shares.

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He also released a handwritten apology letter to fans."It's probably too soon for me to say this, but maybe in 10 years I'll be able to say that the ''14 sabbatical' was one of the best things that happened in my life," he now reflects.I’ve stuck with it because I enjoy the physical challenge, the competitive action, and that’s why I keep playing.